girls never kiss and tell

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Canon update to 65
girls never kiss and tell
History updateCollapse )

Record: 59
chronometer in memory
Seems like we’re all returning back to who we used to be-or at the least, meeting up with them again. I might as well throw in my own thoughts on the matter.

I used to hate myself. Absolutely, utterly, with all the bitterness one gives their worst enemy. I judged the past based on the fragments of a life I saw, devoid of context, of reason. The past and the future continuously clashed, and I had no clue of how to comprehend it. In blindness, I began to hate, and turned my back fully upon that one I saw, the one who did horrible things and was nothing but an alien to my view. Viewed over time, it was perhaps the best choice lest I fall to-as Brianna once put it-"the dark side".

But I have met that stranger again, and we have laid down our weapons to instead perhaps form a truce. It was not easy to accept what has happened, and yet I understand her now. I know why she did what she did, understanding on a level greater than empathy. I cannot condone her, but I cannot condemn her.

Yet I am not the naive one who was placed here, nor am I the one from before. A time over two years has carried the weight of twenty, and confidently I can say I have changed. Friendship, love, trust, cliché as it sounds, those were unknown to me before then, on realms other than the superficial. My position in my realm prevented me from feeling those.

I was a grim reaper of the afterlife. One meant to collect, guard, and judge souls before they moved on. And even though there’s no real call for that line of work here...I think I still am one, just with a new duty to do and a new purpose to find.

Edensphere has been my home. I cannot return to my realm for good knowing the price I would have to pay to stay there. So Edensphere shall continue to be what it has been, a sanctuary and a teacher in one, unless there is a way to visit and return.

We’re all thanking everyone, and I add to that-for everyone that has touched my life, you have done more than you ever shall know.

[She writes out the name below slowly before slashing it out.]

Officer Grell Sutcliffe

[Then she writes beneath it.]

Juliet Sutcliffe

Record: 58
girls never kiss and tell
Black, Rabbit? I have a slight question for you two.

[The writing is then much more forceful.]

Did either of you think it was funny to cut my hair off?

[ooc: back to this morning~ For the fanservice event, Juliet has been afflicted with a combo of this outfit and this shorter hairstyle because I find short hair Sutcliffe amazing. Using icons from the OVA to showcase this.]

Record: 57 / Gifted memory
picture perfect night
Your eyes show no love for anything but violation.Collapse )

Record: 56
silence between the notes
Seven hundred and thirty.

I never thought the count would get this high, nor see what has happened happen.

Before you start getting worried, if that's your style, I'll say this-this is something positive, so please don't be upset.

Of course, there have been interruptions, and most of the numbers blur into one, but occasionally it serves well to pull one out of the count for consideration. But mainly, they keep their records, I keep mine, and we're content to let that be.

Just the reflections of a mind this morning.

[ooc: Starting from this comment, all further ones in that thread have been struck out.]

Record: 55 / Dreamshare / open to all
only to me
[ooc: forward dated to Saturday night]

But tonight you presume too muchCollapse )

Record: 54 / Dreamshare / open to all
even we sleep
[ooc: Warning for masochism.]

Without stars and without flowers, I dream the impossible/In the cold nightCollapse )

Record: 53
far too short a time
[backdated to this morning]

...Enough is enough. I've tolerated everything else for weeks, I will not have some stupid sign on me. Will burning it be enough of a statement? I dearly hope so.

Record: 51 /Radio Memory
Your irreverence is why I am always going into overtime.Collapse )


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